Top-level services



  • Rotor blade assessment
  • Inspection and maintenance of lightning protection systems
  • Assessment of damages
  • Support in repairing
  • Blade cleaning
  • Aerodynamic optimisation
  • Support in mounting and dismounting of blades


  • Tower inspections
  • Surface treating and protection against corrosion
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Torque control


  • Assistance with construction and disassembling of wind turbines
  • Mounting and dismounting of turbine parts
  • Assistance with changing of major componentsLogo_transparent
  • Torque control of boltings
  • Labelling and removal of labels on tower and nacelle
  • Installation of communication antennas
  • Provision of rope access technicians qualified for site supervision


  • Inspection of permanent fall arrest systems
  • Inspection of personal protective equipment against falls according to DGUV 312-906 (BGG 906)